• Image of Raffle Ticket

These tickets will remain on sale until the end of June
Each ticket represents one entry so multiple purchases will mean more chances of winning
The winning name will be drawn on the 1st July and will receive one of each product from the shop (depending on stock availability but you will basically win a shit load of stuff)

All sales of these tickets will be donated to a UK based charity that aims to support black communities and promote anti-racism. I’m still doing my research on which charity but depending on how many people enter I would like to donate to a few different ones.

As a company I have already donated to Reclaim the Block, SV DSA and the Minnesota Freedom Fund. I was able to do this comfortably as the last month was so great for sales so thank you to everyone for supporting me and my dumb shop during this fucking insane and scary time. Let’s try our best to do some good 🌸

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